What is kansa?

Kansa is a type of metal made from copper and tin in a ratio of 4:1.  It is a hard metal that makes up cymbals and bells. We use it in our wands because of the tried and true medicinal benefit.

Where does the kansa wand come from?

This alloy is said to have healing properties and has a medicinal use dating back to Ayurveda, to ancient Indian times.

What are the benefits?

Please see our benefits tab.

Who is it for?

Everyone! We retail to individuals who believe in beauty from the inside-out and those who want to detoxify themselves for their most optimal health. The kansa wand is for anyone interested in revitalizing their energy, healthy aging, skin care fanatics, reflexologists, and more! We wholesale to Spa Owners, Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Green Beauty Shops, and more! Just email us with your inquiry!

How do I clean it?

When you first receive the tool, use a non-abrasive and chemical-free soap. Rinse the tool in cool water (never hot). We suggest utilizing white (sterilized, organic) Kaolin clay or tea tree oil to clean the wand, however, practitioners may choose to use a bacteria-fighting agent as per state requirements. (UV Cabinet)

Where can I use it?

On the face and body alike! We suggest use with a non-comedogenic oil. To learn how, review our proper process section. 

What is a greying effect?

When bronze transmits electromagnetism, it reacts positively when acidity is present. The primary reason for greying is the drawing out of acidity. This is a positive thing! It means we are effectively eliminating excess acid and toxins while reducing inflammation. Just wipe off the grey oil with steamed towel and a mild cleanser. Greying doesn't happen every time, it depends on how the environment has effected your skin. The results are there!