Ajna, The Third Eye Chakra

Ajna, The Third Eye Chakra


Ajna (Agya chakra), which means “the seat of intuition” in Sanskrit, is the sixth primary chakra. It is the center of a person’s perception and consciousness. Its Sanskrit name also means “perceive,” “beyond wisdom,” and “command” and thus it is responsible for one's intuition and intelligence. It gives us access to the higher self within us for guidance drawing a line between our illusion and truths from the depths of our being.

Nourishing the Ajna chakra is very important as its gift includes the ultimate vision - seeing both the inner and outer worlds. Also known as “the third eye” chakra, it is believed to be located in the center of our forehead between our eyebrows, hence associated with our thinking skills.

Moreover, its energy center is also believed to be governing the pituitary gland and neurological function, and thus its alignment greatly affects our body’s ability to fight infection, manage healthy sleep, and keep a well-balanced metabolic function. Consequently, one may experience issues with intellectualization, judgment, and other symptoms such as:

Mental and emotional symptoms:

  • Brain fog
  • Clouded judgment
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of clarity and difficulty in decision making
  • Creativity block
  • Lethargy
  • Rejection of everything spiritual
  • Lack of intuitive guidance
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Insomnia
  • Overactive/overwhelming imagination
  • Delusions and depression
  • Anxiety/Paranoia
  • Mental disorders
  • Learning disabilities

Physical symptoms:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Sinusitis
  • Seizures
  • Poor vision
  • Sciatica

So let’s avoid welcoming stress into our inner self. Negative thoughts and stressful events create tension especially for our mental health and it greatly leads to worsening Ajna imbalance and even medical issues such as an increased risk for serious complications like stroke and blindness.


  1. Meditation
  2. Proper sleep: sleeping and waking up early
  3. Incorporate affirmations in your morning routine
  4. Engage yourself in energy healing practices such as chakra stones and sound therapy chanting the third eye chakra mantra which is the “Om”
  5. Colour therapy: Visualize or meditate on indigo.
  6. Practice yoga, especially yoga for the eyes
  7. Practice Pranayama
  8. Incorporate aromatherapy
  9. Practice abhyanga:  we recommend you our KO Body & Massage Collection using a Kansa wand.
  10. Visualization techniques

Incorporating healthy eating is also important, as what Ayurveda teaches us to always be mindful of our overall lifestyle, for a single thing we do may greatly affect us either positively or negatively.

It is said that when the third eye chakra is balanced and activated, we become wiser, mindful of the things around us and what we do, spiritually motivated about life.

Treat your body like a temple. Acknowledge what your body lets you know because a balanced chakra embodies nourished holistic wellness.

Over centuries, the practice of Ayurvedic wellness has proven to result in a more rejuvenated body, mind and spirit, thus nurturing mindfulness and stronger immunity.

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Live a mindful life, live holistically.


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