• Revitalizes complexion
  • Promotes healthy aging by lifting skin
  • Pulls acidity from the tissues
  • Simulates Prana Life Force
  • Releases toxins + oxygenates 
  • Reduce inflammation + de-puff
  • Reduces visibility of fine lines + wrinkles
  • Revitalizes life energy in the Marma points on the face to optimize healing
  • Increases circulation + eliminates lymph stagnation
  • Energetic alignments
  • Relieves head, facial, + jaw tension
  • Relaxes tired feet + legs
  • Supports general well-being and longevity by unifying the mind, body, + spirit.



Prepare: Apply an oil to the face + decolleté also a few extra drops to the top of the wand.

Heal: Move in circular motions, focusing on the areas that hold the most tension, expression lines. As you roll the wrist, apply a slight pressure to the skin, using the wand with a facial or body oil. Use friction along the jaw line and aside from that, use small circular motions. 

Wholistic healing experiences are approximately 15-20 minutes, starting at the forehead on the face and working counter-clockwise in circular motion, returning to the forehead once again. 


Start at the top of the body and move downward, make sure you finish on the heels of the feet, to ground the energy body + detox the whole system.


Oil the section of the body with product. In circular motions, apply firm pressure, paying close, kind attention to places of strain. If greying occurs to show detoxing, simply wipe off oil following use. What is greying? Head to our FAQ.

An experience should last 90 minutes. 

Thank you for sharing with us how our tools impact your clients. As we say, "the proof is in the pudding", and often you can see the wholistic detox taking place as a greying of the oil occurs. 

Note: No medical claims are entailed and we are not medical professionals. Please consult your Ayurvedic or Naturopathic physician with serious medical concerns and before using the wand. Practitioners understand that they use the wand to apply product, unless a massage therapist, then they may use the tool to manipulate the tissues more deeply.