Emilee Fernandes Barker 

"I had the opportunity to meet online with the founder of Kansa Organics, Puneet. His passion, professionalism, and knowledge were apparent from the start. I loved learning about the team's diligence in sourcing the materials direct from India, their passion for proper usage/care, and empowerment through education of the operator to achieve treatment results. As a holistic aesthetics professional and educator, I completely endorse the integrity of Kansa Organic not to mention the ergonomically designed handle! I cannot wait to equip each of my therapists with this design. I look forward to the development of these professionals and brands in the wellness industry."

Harpeet Kaur 

"Overjoyed to have presented at Yale University regarding Ayurveda Beauty Secrets and an ancient treasured healing tool of the Kansa Wand. Thank you to the Asian Network Affinity group at Yale for welcoming me and @kansaorganics to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda practices"



Brenda Ribble 

"I'm working diligently on Kansa Wand training presentations on the feet and will also be able to include Kansa Wand massage for hands as well, for future training modules. Thoroughly enjoying learning more in-depth Auyverdic massage techniques/ theory and can't wait to share all I’m learning as I will teach how to customize Kansa Wand padabhyanga massage with oils for each client's specific dosha."



Pooja Sahgal


Pam Lopez

Shade Martin

Deborah Fitzerman RDH, MLSO

Merritt Knize

Richelle Eva

Dr Veena Watwe

Feather Polo

Suchi and Hansa