Benefits of Kansa Gua Sha

Benefits of Kansa Gua Sha

What is a Kansa Gua sha?

The Kansa Gua sha is a facial scraper is made out of Kansa - also known as "bronze" in the western world. 

This beauty tool is designed to scrape the face to give the skin the massage benefits especially stimulating lymphatic drainage. Learn more about lymphatic drainage here.

Lymph draining is the holistic way of flushing out the "ama" or toxins from our system.

Not only does it support lymph drain but it also helps us ease muscle tension, tone our facial structure by de-puffing the skin, increasing collagen production for a firmer and youthful skin, as well as improving healthy blood circulation giving that rosy glow.

What is Kansa?

Kansa - its original name derived from Ayurveda is believed to be "the healing metal" since the age of Vedas in India.

"Ayurveda is based upon the healthy interplay between Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Kansa is also known as “bronze” a mixture of Copper + Tin. It is believed to be the healing metal in India’s ancient tradition and is still widely-used in some treatments and wellness rituals of the legendary medicinal practice of Ayurveda.

The “healing metal” works perfectly on the skin, reaching and activating connective tissues and marma points within. Its cooling sensation brings balance to our Pitta dosha by cooling excess heat caused by Pitta therefore restoring balance to our holistic wellness by preventing dosha imbalance.

The Kansa metal, when used as a massager both on the face and body, boosts the immunity for its natural antimicrobial and healing properties supporting our doshic constitution and prana flow.


BENEFITS: each piece is meticulously crafted to bring its purpose in the Ayurvedic beauty and wellness industry, that is to:

  • Firm the skin
  • Support collagen production for a healthier, youthful skin
  • Improve blood circulation for a more pinkish, glowing skin
  • Designed to bring symmetry to the facial structure
  • Lift saggy skin
  • Tone and define facial contours
  • Promote healthy aging
  • De-puff the skin especially around the eye area
  • Aid oxygen flow
  • Assist lymphatic drainage
  • Boost our immunity for the Kansa metal’s natural antimicrobial properties
  • Pull out toxins from the skin tissues
  • Eases muscle tension especially in the jawline

Not only does it help in promoting holistic beauty, but also benefits our overall health to a psychological and mental level:

  • Brings dosha balance
  • Dosha balance benefits: bringing mindfulness preventing lethargy and stagnance
  • Aids prana flow - (learn more about prana flow here)
  • Draws out Pitta imbalance and excessive body and spiritual heat due to this dosha misalignment
  • Activates the marma points - (learn more about marma points here)
  • Activates chakras and draws out chakra blockages
  • Pulls out impurities and psychological toxins from our system
  • Improves healthy sleep and helps get rid of insomnia
  • Naturally calming the mind - against anxiety, tension, and stress
  • Clearer state of mind
  • Aside from physical toxins, it also helps draw out different toxins within us, mentally and spiritually

What else you need to know:

  • Place in the refrigerator to maximize the cooling effect of the Kansa metal.
  • Your tool should be wiped down with a dry or little moist towelette only. You may also get our Kansa Cleaning Kit for your own collection.
  • Do not wash with water and soap.
  • Due to natural contrasts in the metal, your tool is individually unique in color and shape.


Learn how to use the KO Kansa Gua Sha here.

WARNING: Any unfavorable result due to improper use and unrecommended application of the tool or any of our product to the body areas is neither the responsibility of Kansa Organics or its affiliates.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This item is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: Each piece is uniquely handcrafted and each may have minimal differences. We hope you would honor and appreciate our team’s hard work and welcome minor variations as part of its natural creation and imperfect beauty.

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The Kansa Beauty is a collection of beauty tools made out of Kansa's healing to promote Ayurvedic beauty, that is being healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

We at Kansa Organics live up to our name, sharing the Ayurveda message proudly to all people, regardless of age, race, culture and lifestyle. It has become our dedication to continue to share the glorious Indian heritage using the Ayurvedic wisdom worldwide. This wisdom is aimed to be shared globally by anyone seeking holistic beauty and healing innovation, deeply rooted in ancient practices.

Let us be your guide in your holistic beauty and wellness journey with Ayurveda.

Heal and glow with us.