"Promoting my culture's tools and helping people get to better health through Ayurvedic traditions means everything to me and our clients."


Born and raised in India I grew up in a culture rich in a tradition thousands of years old. I was taught to value rituals and respect the materials given to us by the Earth. After moving to the western world, I immediately knew I had to find a way to connect to my Indian roots. 

I, as many, quickly get swept up into the everyday stresses of life, forgetting to take time to celebrate ourselves. Ayurveda is a tradition rooted in ancient rituals, promoting health through self-care and wholistic wellness. Literally translated, Ayurveda is the “science of life” and is centered around finding a true balance. I knew I had to incorporate Ayurveda into my everyday life to find the steadiness and wellness I desired. 

Creating Kansa Organics was a natural calling of mine, allowing me to combine both my Eastern traditions and want for Western convenience. Working in the International business sector and supply chain management allowed me to find the sources of the best organic materials for constructing the Kansa wand.