Vasant Ritucharya - Spring Self Care Routine

Vasant Ritucharya - Spring Self Care Routine

Vasant Ritucharya, also known as Spring Routine, is a great time to create a facial routine to start shredding those dry dead skin cells that accumulated during winter.

Spring is Kapha season which can bring on the Cold, Oily, and Liquid qualities. Qualities, which are often referred to as Gunas in Ayurveda, are attributes that can cause an imbalance. Oily, or Snigdha, can increase the oil production in our skin causing excess breakouts. Cold, also known as Shita, can produce a buildup of mucus in the head and throat, and Liquid, or Drava, may cause water retention.

By creating a daily facial routine, we can combat the Gunas and bring our skin back into harmony. Start by applying a few drops of our Ayurvedic Cleansing Oil to your Kansa wand. Bring the Kansa wand to your face and begin making circular movements. This will remove the stagnant Liquid qualities promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness.  As you continue to massage the face, the Oily attribute starts to balance out, nourishing your skin, reducing breakouts, and rejuvenating the completion. Finally, the warmth from the Kansa wand will alleviate the Cold quality by increasing circulation and stimulating energy flow.

As you continue to make this part of your daily routine, or Dinacharya, the more radiant your skin will become. You will start to feel refreshed and energized, and your skin will start to have a radiant glow.

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