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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is an integral part of Holistic Health. When we eat mindfully, it means to eat with the nourishment of the mind, body, and soul in mind. In this post, we will look at What Holistic Nutrition is, it’s benefits, and ways you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Holistic nutrition is all about eating healthy foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, for optimum health and wellbeing. Hallmarks of holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown, whole foods. It's an approach to eating that very consciously considers everything that is consumed, and places focus on eating for health above all else.


Holistic Nutrition: Eat for Mind, Body, and Soul

In today's fast-paced world, when hunger strikes we open a can, unwrap a package, or pop a lid as a quick alternative to preparing a fresh meal. However, according to renowned holistic nutritionists, this habit has a hazardous impact on your health.

With the phenomenal rise in obesity and diabetes, the link to your food and health has taken center stage, and more and more people are seeking a solution through holistic nutrition. Often times, our dietary discretions also show up in our complexion as signs of inflammation in the gut, and appear as pustules or papules concentrated in various regions on the face.


Photo credit: Louis Hansel

Top Health Benefits of a Holistic Diet:

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management

  • Disease Prevention

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Improved Mood

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved Skin Tone and Texture

  • Strengthened Immune System

  • Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

  • Reduced Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels

  • Improved Digestion and Relief from Constipation

Additionally, holistic nutritionists believe that many chronic illnesses can be prevented or improved through diet, and promote the use of holistic nutrition to manage conditions such as:

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Arthritis

  • Heart Disease

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Cancer

  • Colitis

  • GoutPhoto: Anne Preble

Principles of Holistic Nutrition

  • Eat Whole, Raw and Unprocessed Foods

  • Go Organic

  • Kill the Sweet Tooth

  • Drink Lots of Water

  • Curb the Sodium Intake

  • Buy Local Produce - farmers markets are your friend!

  • Say No to White Flour- or any white carb (sugar, pasta)

  • Eat Healthy and Nourishing Fats - think avocados, fish

  • Be Mindful of Food Portions

  • Eat Everything in Moderation - it’s about balance

Written by Kara Elizabeth, LE + Life Coach for Kansa Organics

Kansa Organics seeks to bring balance into the lives of it’s customers by equipping them with educational resources such as this one, and with our ancient wellness tools.

For more info visit - https://www.kansaorganics.com

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