In one way or another, we have all experienced the persistent throb of muscle ache. Exercising, stretching, and long soaks in sea-salt laden tubs might temporarily reduce muscular pain, but those with a more chronic condition might benefit from a more hands-on approach: massage.

Going to a therapist on a regular basis might not be feasible for some, so this is where self-massage tools make their debut. Many people select their self-massage tools from infomercials or while browsing the aisles of a home goods store, others turn to their local wholistic or natural wellness practioner for professional recommendations.

We independently researched India’s massage tools to ensure you find the best tool available for your relief. During our research, we came across the Kansa Wand, an ancient Ayurvedic massage tool for you to bring home for your own high quality self care. Here at Kansa Organics, we pride ourselves on having the most egonomic massage wand on the market, designed with the practitioner (and the self care enthusiast) in mind!

Kansa Tips for Self-Massage:

  • Relax and get in a comfortable position. If you are not relaxed, the massage will not be as effective. 

  • Use the tool to with very light pressure. It's less stressful for the wrists and hands. 

  • While stretching, hold the position for a minimum of 30 seconds to lengthen each muscle group.

  • Use Ayurvedic oil for massage. It is critically instrumental in the usage of the tool and has no side effects.

  • Concentrate on stimulating energy flow across marma points. When these points are massaged, the balance of energy is found.

  • Massage before a bath and in a warm environment. It will help you loosen up. 

Kansa wand spa kit

  • The Prana Wand (T-shaped): All of the benefits of resonant Kansa metal in the smallest format. A smaller cup can be used to better address the specific energy centers to relieve tension patterns in the face.

    The Marma Wand (Small): The on-the-go version of the Kansa Organics tools, the Marma Wand can be used on-the-go, for facial massage, and to target more concentrated areas of tension. Some of the many benefits of the Marma Wand include promoting the proper functioning of organs, stimulating and regenerating tissue, relieving energy blockages, flushing out toxins, preventing signs of aging, improving lymph flow, encouraging peace, improving physical stability, and promoting a more radiant and youthful complexion.

    The OM Wand (Medium): Slightly larger than the Marma Wand, and smaller than the Kosha Wand, The OM Wand can be used on both the face and body. It works great for the shoulder area during massage therapy, back facials, and self-massage. Working in circular motions, the wand relieves tension and draws out toxins. The ergonomic KO designed handle is equipped with finger pads, to allow a better grip when used with Ayurvedic massage oil

    The Kosha Wand (Large): The largest wand, to be used on the foot or to cover large areas of the body. The term “Kosha” can be defined as the “layers of being,” which are the energetic sheaths that cover the body. Like an onion, Kosha is described at the outermost layer moving onward to the deepest. The Kosha wand revives: Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vinjana Maya Kosha, and Anandamaya Kosha. These unique, energy balancing wands are ideal for home use, massage therapists, and even Ayurvedic medical practitioners. The foot corresponds with areas on the body, so relieving pressure here relates to wholistic health benefits. 

    All four of the Kansa wands help to balance the energetic tendencies in the body. They help to relieve energetic blockages which lead to imbalances that may cause disease. When used over the navel, some have reported it  may prevent motion sickness, so consider taking one with you on your next vacation! From your friends at KO, we hope you get to enjoy the gifts from Ayurveda, through self care!

    For more details visit - https://www.kansaorganics.com/

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